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Invisalign treatment is an affordable solution to get a radiant smile without much hassle. Being easier to wear, Invisalign is a sophisticated alternative to braces. They work best on the crooked/protruding frontal teeth as they can precisely straighten them out without any major lifestyle changes. Bayview Sheppard Dentistry provides affordable Invisalign braces using the most advanced and sophisticated technology. How do the Invisalign work? Your Bayview Sheppard Dentistry will carefully examine your teeth and only after that we decide that if you are eligible for the Invisalign braces. Next, we will take the impression of your teeth using that impression tray filled with the material used to make the impression. Then the impression tray is removed and with the help of that, we prepare the model of your teeth. On the basis of the model prepared, the final positioning of the teeth is ascertained that implies the way teeth will look after treatment. Finally, the 3D plan is approved by the dentistry, and then the look through or invisible aligners are customs made for you. Then the aligners are placed over your teeth comfortably and they are to be replaced every few weeks until the resulting teeth are well aligned as required. Why Invisalign is needed? They are more comfortable than braces. As braces have a lot of metal framework and wires involved whereas Invisalign is free from wires, so looks more presentable and acceptable. Am I eligible for Invisalign? *If you have crooked teeth or protruding frontal teeth, then you are eligible. *If you have a gap in the upper and the lower teeth when you try to clench them together. *If your upper front teeth cover the lower teeth, you are eligible for Invisalign. *If your lower teeth cover the upper teeth, you qualify. You are eligible If both the Upper and the lower teeth are not aligned properly. *If there is a large gap between the teeth. If you are looking for affordable Invisalign treatment, Bayview Sheppard Dentistry in Toronto caters to that. Feel free to call us at 416-730-9988.

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